“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to
do yourself.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Coaching For Practitioners

Premier Coaching Program

Doctors, we are so busy taking care of our patients, we neglect ourselves. You can’t expect your patients to comply with your advice if you are not willing to comply with yourself. In essence, if you are not willing to follow an exercise regimen, take supplementation and follow a protocol, why should they!

We have created a program exclusively for the doctor who needs coaching on integrating Functional Health into his/her practice. This is an exclusive program for doctors only. You will be personally guided and trained to be the best of the best.


Are you on the right track with your business goals?


Real Doctors. Real Results



Achieve Goals Quicker

The key benefits from your coaching will be establishing, setting and achieving your goals quicker in the areas of mind, body & business.

Business Development

Working with the best in the industry will enable you to hone your business skills and grow your practice exponentially.

Achieve Financial Freedom

By learning and implementing the fundamentals of wealth, you will be able to create true financial freedom through your practice and beyond.


With regular check-ins, you will stay on track with all your goals and this will ensure long-term success in business, health and wealth.

Boost Confidence

By training to be the best version of yourself, you will boost your vitality and confidence in the process. Renewed energy is also a common outcome!

More Time To Enjoy Life

With all the benefits experienced, you will have more time to spend with family & loved ones, doing the things you enjoy the most.

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